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Unannounce Horse Riding Game - Streiff Studio

Internship - 7 months

Art by Joel Wennerholm

This is an unnanounce title that I worked on during my internship at Streiff Studio working in Unreal Engine 5.1.

My role at Streiff Studio was as Lead Level Designer. We were in the early days of production with quite a small team, this meant that I also got to work in other areas outside of level design.

My responsibilities were:

  • Level Design

    • Grayboxing an open world level with ​different abilities in mind, designing obstacles to require specific abilites unlocked in order to progress. Used landmarks to help the player navigate and to make it easier to distinguish different areas from a distance.

    • Grayboxing a linear outdoor level with a scripted chase sequence that started and ended with scripted cutscenes.

  • Quest Design​

    • Came up with and implemented a questline for the player to follow to help them navigate the open world level with descriptions of landmarks to describe the destination area to avoid using non-diegetic HUD elements to lead the player.​

  • Set Dressing

    • Created multiple Procedural Foilage Spawners in Unreal Engine with different foilage depending on area and elevation. Used these to set dress outdoors enviroments together with hand placing specific assets.
  • Scripting and prototyping features.

    • Set up basic AI behavior using Unreal Engines Behavior Tree

      • Pathing, investigating and chasing the player on detection.

    • Created a component based climbing system using Actor Component

      • This allowed the player to be able to climb on specific surfaces where the player character would follow the shape of the surface.

      • When reaching a hard edge the player could climb around the edge or jump sideways to another climbable surface of platform that was in reach.​​​

  • Materials, shaders & VFX

    • Creating materials for flowing water and waterfalls.

    • Created waterfall VFX using Niagara System​​​​​​

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