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About me

I like to ensure that people around me are having fun, even during the more stressful periods as I've noticed that it really helps with communication as well as increasing both my own and my colleges motivation to push through the hard parts!

I'm a very competitive person, whenever there's a challenge or a competition I'm there giving it my all! Winning is not the most important thing for me, even though it never hurts, but what gets me going is knowing I've tried my hardest and see how far I can go. When it's a team competition I want to make sure that everyone feels part of the team and that we win together, not as a single person.

My thought process

I like to delve deep and immerse myself in the projects I'm working on. I tend to build up this whole world in my head that I can use when I'm either building levels or writing documents. Often times this leads to me simply being able to just look for the parts that I'm interested in. When building a level for example I visit this imaginary world and I have a look around, I look at the architecture, the environment and the technology.

"Is it a futuristic city powered by some mystical energy source? Maybe a large forest with thin trees reaching for the sky with a thick mist flowing like a liquid across the forest floor or a deserted scrap yard with towering piles cars, containers and mechanical body parts that nature has started to reclaim with it's roots and vines finding their way through every nook and cranny of these man made objects long forgotten?"

In conclusion; when I write concepts, create levels or simply brainstorm with friends I might not take the shortest route and just think about that single room or scenario, I want it to make sense in the universe that is to exist in. I don't create something, instead I let the universe tell me what already exists and what's logical to find in that specific place..

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