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Fuel System

This fuel extractor system was developed for a personal project. 
I wanted to create dynamic fuel sources that vary both in size and fuel quality.

Fuel Source

The fuel source has 3 different size categories: small, medium and large.
The radius of the source within each category is random within a set range.

Fuel is gathered based on the extractor's proximity to the center of the source. However, medium and large fuel sources also have a core that counts as being in the center allowing for maximum fuel gains while extracting. 

The fuel can also vary in quality, affecting how quickly the extractor will collect fuel.

Fuel Radius

Here is how I set up the different varieties in the fuel sources maximum radius and core radius.

  • I'm using an enumerator to set the size category of the source.

  • I'm randomizing the size of both the maximum and core radius using Random Float in Range to get some variety.

Fuel Quality

The quality of the source will determine how quickly the Fuel Extractor fills up on fuel.
The source quality can either be predetermined or set to spawn with a random quality.

Range Indication

I'm currently using flat cylinders with 2 distinct colors to indicate the fuel source's core and maximum range.
Here I'm setting the scale of these cylinders based on the source's range value.


Fuel Extractor

This device is used to extract fuel from a source.
The collected fuel can then be transfered to the train's fuel tank which is a neccessary in order to progress.

  • The player needs to transport the Fuel Extractor to a source in order to start the extraction process.

  • The amount of fuel that's extracted each tick is based on the proximity to the core of the source and it's quality.

  • Transfers fuel when placed in proximity of the train's fuel tank

Fuel Extraction

  • Timeline for delay and float value

  • Using a macro to multiply the Timeline float value based on distance to source.

  • Mulitplying the exracted value based on the fuels quality.

  • Adds the extracted fuel to total fuel.

Using a Timeline to set the delay between each tick of fuel extraction.
The process repeats itself until the extractor is full or no longer in exraction mode.

Macro - Fuel Distance Multiplier

This macro determines how much fuel the extractor collects while active.​

  • Divides the distance to the source with the source's radius.​

  • Sets multiplier to 0 if extractor is out of range.

  • Sets multiplier to Multiplier Max value if at the absolut center or inside the source's core radius.

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